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  • none his goals are lucky fucking idiots. His goals are due to his excellent positioning skills and after all his job is to score goals! Sure his on-the-ball skills need improvement but hes only 23… He will only get better. Sir alex fergie signed him to score goals period, nothing else. He plays as a center forward fucking retarded idiots.

  • mu will be nothin without chicharito “the BEANER”

  • @MrAllday17 — the subject of this comment’s space is about the MU player Javier Hernandez, I strongly belive that the “the beaner shit” comment, shows that “THE LUCKY’S BEANER SHIT” SKILLS are somethig that you will never have and I feel piety for you, A goal is what counts in order to win this game, if the balls bounces off his … and scores, this lucky beaner makes MILLIONS of euros a month because of that, something that with your attitude and Royal blood will never …muerete pendejo

  • @MARIO318471 — We all were just waiting for your wise comment about this lucky player, to fire him out of the team, out of England, OUT of EUROPE,Thank You, he won`t score for the MU again, we do not care about the championship he helped MU to win,.
    We want players with great style, no matter if we win or not, GREAT STYLE, no matter if MU never gets the title again, style is what counts, right Mr whatever, if I was a woman, I could easily fall in love with such a master of the soccer game

  • @MARIO318471 — You can send a message to the Manchester’s United people and tell them about the lucky offsides and about the horri … and that you strongly want him out of the team, because he is a lucky ass, without it, he is nothing, kick him out of the team, Oh my God, HOW I WOULD LOVE TO READ THE ANSWER, YES, YES you are right, rightaway, Mr whatever, the players, the coach, the board of directors, the MU fans, the bank accounts, we all agree with such a wise HIJO DE PUTA, u tell’em ok

  • hahaha funny ass goool! hahah 4:07

  • he is one of the best players in the world…..

  • i hate when ppl judge a player. IF YOU DONT LIKE HIM DONT TYPE HIS NAME IN THE SEARCH BOX. to me he is a good player young and getting more reputation after every goal with mex or manchester utd.

  • I love how at 3:30 chicharo didnt know what to do! it was his first goal in the world cup!

  • TheMiamiHustler

    not the best on the ball but fuck me his movement and goal scoring is unreal! what a buy. buy of the decade. FACT

  • @MARIO318471 your head is offside

  • This guy is horrible most of his goals are either lucky offsides or a horrible goalie

  • This guy is

  • If you don’t like him get over it because Chicharito is an amazing scorer! so deal with it and grow up!

  • yall know what if he fucking sucks or not, europe wants him and he is winning his fucking millions not you foo,, get it..

  • @MrAllday17 20 goals all from his hand? Wow he mjst be worse than Maradona… What sport do you actually watch? Gaelic football?

  • everyone who thinks CHICHARITO HERNANDEZ sucks are just jeoluose becouse hes going to replace messi of the most valuber player on soccer

  • @MrAllday17 he has more skill then u at every thing every thing get it sex

  • @MrAllday17 fuck u

  • This foo sucks idk why man u signed him. Balls just bounce off his hand and it’s in , lucky piece of Beaner sh!t!

  • at 4:04 thats a own goal… the ball went between his legs LMAO

  • lol 4:07 theres go chicharitos cheap ass goals LMAO

  • This is Mr.Scruff’s Kalimba?????

  • AlbertimusPrime

    lol he hit himself in the face at 4:06

  • lol 4:07

  • I’ve tweeted this link to my tweeps 🙂

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  • probably the best ever football blog!

  • Time for Claudio Lopez to return

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