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  • Its like comparing my 5 year old brother to wayne rooney

  • Well we saw them went head to head in the Golc Cup let me see chicharito 7 goals MVP of the tournament..Agudelo???..hmm..ohhh thats right he got benched halfway thru the tournament… seriously people why are we even comparing these two players? is like comparing Depmsey to Rooney lol

  • norteconcordsk925

    @lssj5broly1 neymar is a beast , but you need to play again the best to be called the best. not be playing in south american or north american ex. mexio ,brazil ,arg,. you can’t be called a good player

  • @norteconcordsk925 it doesnt really matter if he goes to europe faser than him,for example look at neymar he is a very good soccer player he out dribbles his opponents left, and right he is isnt in europe yet, does that mean pedroza is better than neymar???

  • norteconcordsk925

    @lssj5broly1 antonio michael pedroza is better than Agudelo just 3 months pro and all ready going to Tottenham

  • norteconcordsk925

    @Sonicx5698 Agudelo is 18. erick torres just turned 18 went pro in 2011 .
    agudelo 2 goals in mls and 2 goals with usa he has 4 . erick torres 7 goals in chivas

  • agudelo is 17, 4 caps and 2 goals with the U.S national team,he’s getting there

  • Agudelo > “Chica”rito
    Chica = girl

  • @ManU41039 Agudelo is 18. Hernandez is (already) 23.
    Agudelo went pro in 2010. Hernandez went pro in 2003.
    Point is… GIVE AGUDELO A CHANCE!!!!!

  • @Pankreatiko bajo la edad limite de 23 años????????? HAJAAHHAHAHAHAHAH ke va usted si no sabe de esto mejor dediquese a otra cosa XD

  • @gargola18 No sabes nada, me venis a decir que Pastore ya esta consolidado? Una Promesa es un Jugador no consilado de bajo de la edad limite 23, Jajaja sigue que me esta dando mas gracia.

  • @Pankreatiko ignorante javier pastore con 22 años es promesa para ti???? lol porfavor mejor vete a dormir

  • @gargola18 ¿Javier Pastore es promesa?

  • @Pankreatiko lol ignorante..con 23 años no es promesa..promesa es agudelo ke apenas tiene 18..

  • idk?hard choice both are really good 🙂

  • and agudelo is colombian and not even from the united states……but thats what the united states team is made of but best of luck to him and his future

  • hahahaha sure chicharito isnt that good at defending because he is a striker…..and is always making important stops when needed….and neymar is a good player and will most likey be a star player but neymar is going to real madrid and will not play as much because of ronlado and all the real star players they have…..and chicharito has made key plays to win a game and is a team player unlike other stars

  • Agudelo is good but nowhere near Chicharitos when it comes to scoring. Chicharitos level of scoring is premier. I hope he continues to develop his ball control and skill moves he would be a greater threat to any defense. The music licks the balls.

  • CHICHARITO is already a star

  • MrSoccerplaya25

    Great video

  • jaja me cago de risa de este video.. como los gringos quieren hacer sus “idolos” de chocolate.. no mamenn.. jaja

  • @17omaralvarez17 wait..who the hell are you?? are alex ferguson’s personal assistant that knows every little financial move that he’s going to make??..dude ur such an idiot, alex ferguson is only planning to buy a goalkeeper and that is david de gea from athletico madrid if alex ferguson wants to buy a new striker to replace chicharito then why the hell would he deny two offers from madrid and one offer from barcelona..agudelo will never ever be on chicharitos level..

  • @yurimacheda…you must be out of your mind for comparing chicharito to agudelo, agudelo only had 8 goals in the mls this season..chicharito had 20 goals in the epl..so theres no comparing and think before making a stupid video

  • 17OmarAlvarez17

    @ronaldo7x7 oh and also his a playmaker and a stricker and defender… wtf is chicharito like the moron who replied to me ” his a finisher” stfu dude anyone can be a finisher even a goalkeeper.
    chicharito is 22 and his game is omost at his peak for mexican stars that is, he has 4 more years n he’s back home where it all started. and neymar is 19, and several years in europe unlike chicharito.

    also i don’t hate chicharito I just hate how every mexican worships him like a fuckig GOD.

  • 17OmarAlvarez17

    @ronaldo7x7 and also no he wont be the best, not the best to come out of mexico n certainly not the best of the world. Hugo sanchez is the best that came out mexico n made a name for him self by himself in the spanish league in one of the best teams in the world. 9 champions agains what 4 of Man U, yeah he might be in a elite team, but also know that Man U is gonna buy players. so his chances of staying over there are slim especially if the buy neymar that dude will devour chicharito in goals

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