25 Comments on “Chicharito vs Pato- Who will be the best”

  • you’re basing this on games? pathetic much

  • pato gets injured too much and hes too unreliable…ofcoure hernandez gets injured. people always say ‘ohhh but patos so skillfull’ skill doesnt get you anywhere in professional football. Hernandez has no weak foot, he’s pacier than pato and he scores many in the premier league which is far better than serie A . HAIL CHICHAAA

  • Pato

  • Whoever says pato is better is wrong pato is very good but chicha is a litlle more better than him chicha saved many games for united and scored at very crucial stages of the game but pato is hardly scoring now he is not even there in the starting 11 now

  • of course pato’s better this is like comparing heskey to messi

    btw heskey is better than ronaldo 🙂

  • Pato is better on fifa, pes and football manager, i rest my case

  • pato

  • KampionatiEuropian

    Pato is better than him .. he is new Phenomeno..

  • ya thats why more kids want to be like pato and play like him and why only mexicans want to be like chicharito


  • Learn English buddy.

  • Learn English buddy.

  • Learn English buddy.

  • Learn English buddy.

  • LOFL laught of fuckin loud

  • Pato is faster player with the ball has more technique but Chicharo is a better finisher as in shot on goal efficiency don’t get me wrong pato is to but 1 thing chicharo has that pato doesn’t is he can finish both ways in the air nd on ground doesn’t matter how many or how tall the defense are.

  • HughtubeProduction

    Mexmax101@ you are fucking stupid you retard! Pato is one of the fastest players in the world! Lmao shows how much you know! Pato is alot faster than hernandez!

  • Pato has a higher ceiling.

  • U guys are dum stupid for saying pato is better then chicharito in all ways that’s retarded they both are different styles but chicharito is faster and has a beter goal rate/effeciancy

  • I like both of these players.
    They’re on the right path to a great career

  • Pato isn’t a big player


  • Patos every single attribute exceeds chicaritos. Pato is the fastest player in the world.

  • i LOOOLED at this title pato vs chicharito ??? looool pato is on a different level to chicharito.

  • how dare you compare the likes of milito, van nistelrooy, batistuta etc with brazil ronaldo?? Ronaldo was the perfect striker….. and by that i mean in this day and age of players in their prime, take messi’s dribbling and ball control, c.ronaldo’s flair,strength and both foot shooting , walcott’s blistering pace, neymar’s silky skills, chicharitos, off the ball movement,anticipation and poaching, xavi or iniesta’s outrageous first touch etoo’s clinically devastating finishing = RONALDO legend

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