Javier Hernandez Balcazar, who is more popularly known as Chicharito, has said that the Mexico players became a bit complacent after winning the Gold medal in the Olympics. That complacency resulted in the team’s defeat in the friendly match against USA. As per Chicharito, luckily, the match was a friendly one and the team didn’t have to suffer much due to that defeat. The USA team had defeated Mexico in the friendly match by 1-0 on 15th of August.  The match was played at Estadio Azteca Aztec stadium. The US team managed to take a lead in the 80th minute of the match and the Mexico players weren’t able to score a leveler within 10 minutes.

Chicharito said that the team was disappointed after that loss. The players went into the match with a lot of confidence after winning the gold medal in the Olympics. But, the USA players played very well and pulled off an upset. In the last few days, there have been speculations that Chicharito might leave Manchester United this summer. According to the reports, after the inclusion of Robin Van Persie in the United squad, Chicharito is not likely to get regular chances to play in the first team in the upcoming season.  So, he wants to sign for some other club. On being asked about that, Chicharito said that these reports are just rumours and he is not thinking about leaving Manchester United.

The performance of Chicharito was pretty decent in the last season. Chicharito said that he would not leave the club without finishing his contract. It has been wonderful to play for United so far and he has learnt a lot under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson. He wants to take his performance to the next level in the upcoming season.