Many Players fall in Front line of Carlo Ancellotti

KarimBenzema, Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Toni Kroos, Gareth Bale, Luca Modric, James Rodriguez are all of the names of the players which are consistently in the starting lineup of Carlo Ancellotti. These either perform an attacking role in the squad of a role in the midfield department but in some way or another are affecting the chances of Javier Hernandez on getting into the main team.

On September 1 of 2014, when Hernandez penned his loan deal with Real Madrid, it was incredibly hard to believe that the Mexican player was going to secure a spot in the main team of the Spanish club which is already filled with superstar players from almost every position in the squad.

Even during his time performing in Old Trafford as a player of Manchester United, Javier Hernandez could never really make a real impact as he was nothing more than a substitute player with some minutes of playing time on a few games but the Mexican attacker was never really the center of attention of the team.

Lazio is now being rumored on taking an interest in signing Javier Hernandez. If this rumor is indeed true and the Italian club wants to secure the services of the Mexican player, it would be a dream move for Javier Hernandez.

By making a move to Lazio, his chances on appearing on the main team are almost guaranteed. The Mexican player has a weekly salary of around €75,000 which is a price that the Italian club could manage to meet. It’s a win-win option for both Hernandez and Lazio as they would be signing a player that is hungry to get consistent playing time and has already displayed flashes of brilliance on some occasions, he might not have a very impressive goal-scoring record but you have to take into consideration that he has never truly managed to join a team and get into the main squad.

Hernandez is eager to prove himself and his critics; by joining Lazio he can accomplish this. The 26 year old forward has a contract with Manchester United which expires in 2016 but if Lazio offer the right amount of money, a transfer can happen before the expiration date of his contract.