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Javier Hernandez never managed to get regular start at Old Trafford

Javier Hernandez could never really manage on securing a regular start at Old Trafford as he made over 100 league appearances for Manchester United in 5 seasons which is a fairly good record but you have to take into consideration that most of the time when the Mexican performed in a match he entered the pitch as a substitute player who could only play for a few minutes in certain games.

The Mexican forward was not a very important or key figure for the Premier League club Manchester United as he was just a substitute and back up-option.

On September 1 of 2014, Hernandez signed a season long loan deal with Real Madrid and things haven’t changed much as Hernandez continues being a substitute player more than anything else. He is mostly being used as a back-up option for the Frenchman KarimBenzema.

Even though Hernandez is just a substitute figure in Real Madrid, the Mexican forward displayed his intention of wanting to play with Real Madrid for the next few years as he wants to transform his loan deal into a permanent contract.

Javier Hernandez revealed his desire to continue playing with Real Madrid for the next few years as the Mexican player told reporters: ‘’They thought I couldn’t help any more at United so we decided by mutual agreement that I would leave. It was difficult, although I had offers from other teams, but when I got the opportunity to come to Real Madrid I didn’t hesitate’’

‘’It was the toughest challenge I was offered and the one that gave me the least chances of first-team football, but these are the challenges I like and the ones I’ve worked for all my life. I dreamed of being here. I have the talent and I’ll work hard to show I belong at such a great institution. I hope some positive things happen, both to the club and myself’’

It still remains unsure as if Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti is interested or even considering on signing Javier Hernandez on a permanent deal as the Spanish club is being linked with a few attacking players that could entirely replace Javier Hernandez.