Last season, Mexican football star Chicharito’s name was in all the fan’s lips, but in this season he appears to be just an afterthought. It would be quite easy to forget that still Chicharito scored a respectable twelve goals in 33 matches and most of them as substitute player, yet there is quite less of an atmosphere when Chicharito’s name appears on the team list these days.

Last year, it appeared a foregone conclusion, that when Chicharito would begin, he would score. At this point of time, the opposite appears to be true. After the match against Wigan, one follower tweeted, “Hernandez…should NEVER start again for the remaining games”.

No one exercises the knee jerk action like the Manchester United rooters are capable of doing at times. Many believe that the Mexican lad does not offer the team like Dimitar Berbatov or Danny Welbeck from the beginning of a match. None the less, Chicharito stays as the second most fertile of Manchester United’s strikers this season.

Now Rooney leads the field quite comfortably with thirty-one goals in all competitions while Chicharito is the next best with twelve, followed by Welbeck (who has played more matches than this Mexican international) and Dimitar Berbatov with nine goals in all competitions even though he appeared only twenty times in this season, creating him as the most effective of the three. With very little to offer, many consider Chicharito as a spent force in this premier league season.

Probably he is suffering from a second season syndrome at the Old Trafford or it may truly be his poor form. Chicharito had a great 2010 World Cup in South Africa and he joined United in that year as a surprise package. That season he proved to be one of the most prominent footballer in United’s Premier League title win.