Chicharito to Real Madrid

There are media reports that Real Madrid might be interested in signing former Manchester United striker Chicharito.

The player who spent one season on loan from Manchester United is reported to be the target of the Spanish side.

This will come as a surprise given the fact that Chicharito failed to adapt to the pace of La Liga and only managed to feature in 10 games for them. He ultimately returned to Manchester United before being sold to Bayer Leverkusen.

However, it is believed that the Spanish club has changed their mind on the player and that they might be interested in bringing him back to Spain. Indeed Chicharito has found a new life in Germany where he has managed to score 33 goals in 50 appearances for the club.

It is probably this good form that has prompted the Real Madrid director  Aguado to make inquiries for the player. The latter stated that Chicharito is a great player and that he will be interested in bringing the player back to Real Madrid as he believes he can be a wonderful addition to the current squad.

Another director Cerezo said that Chicharito is a great player and that he is aware that he did not succeed at the first time. He said that it is natural that some players need some time to adapt to a club and believes that Chicharito is now more mature.

However, the player has not made any comments about his future. Chicharito was not really happy during his first time at Real Madrid and has always stated that he was frustrated playing for Real Madrid. Indeed the player did not have much game time there compared to the time when he was at Manchester United.

He will probably feel that leaving Bayer Leverkusen might be a big mistake.