25 Comments on “Carlos ★ Vela 2011-2012 | Goodbye Arsenal Part 2/2 HQ By Decifher209”

  • he is a piece of shit, you guys get lucky of getting ride of him


  • Nice vid, please make another one, an updated version with the latest plays and goals 🙂

  • i doubt he wil go back, his game doesnt adapt well to the english game

  • adrianinhosantos04

    ese wey debe de ser titular hay que reconocerlo yo digo que el Chepo debe de salir

  • Como somos los mexicanos de sentidotes haha, Ni si quiera saben las razones (Ni se dan cuenta de como lo exhiben la federación sin necesidad alguna), Pero ahi estan mentandole la madre y diciendole traidor. PFFF

  • Lol everyones hating on him just because rejected a call up lol people are overreacting

  • Pinche vela vete a la verga Mexico no te necesita pinche puto

  • puto culero traisionas a la patria pendejo que te yamen a. a la seleccion es un orgullo que le digas que no es un pendejismo culo

  • vela keep doing what your doing once you get to the level of the elite fowards the get to the national team, otherwise the fans will begin to talk smack on you for making mistakes on the feild

  • Pinche vela culero la verdas te admiraba pero ahora te detesto por rechazar a la seleccion mexicana

  • This is a great video. Good job man!

  • Puto indio. Este we es mas serrote k Mexicano.

  • ya es tiempo q regrese a la seleccion

  • Pinche puto vela

  • ariba MEXICO

  • One of the best videos on here – good job man

  • para el chepo de la torre carlos vela es un jugadoraso conbocalo a la selexion ybas a ganar el mundial este bato es un super dotado ygual que alan pulido responden con celxcion jhonatan dosantos bas a intimidar a brasil brujo chiquito.

  • at 3:37 that girl is like wtf is grong with this dude hahahhahaa

  • MotorYardtraphik

    wtf the song fits great it just goes with the video

  • 17 Goals and over 15 assists this year when they actually give him a good run, wenger expected results by giving the guy 10 minutes every 3 or four games…..

  • We should kept him at arsenal. From his days at arsenal i already love his style.

  • Hector Hernandez

    i hope he doesn’t… he is getting way more time on the pitch, than he did in arsenal he likes spain he should stay and play where he feels happy and where he is scoring goals.

  • Great video. With a better song, it would be even better. But def like the video. Keep it up and hopefully you can make a 2012-2013 Season on Vela. Choose the song wisely, other than that, props!

  • Way to go Wenger

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